Semi-precious Stone in Mumbai

We are a reckoned Manufacturer and Exporter of Semi-Precious Stones in Mumbai. The big selection of Semi Precious Quartz Slabs is out there in several colors and sizes as per customer's specifications. We offer Semi Precious Quartz Slabs that are appreciated for a smooth finish, gleaming and durable quality. The Semi Precious Quartz Slabs are used in decorations of Table Tops, Counters, Wall Panels, etc., offered by us are available at market leading rates.

Semi-precious stones are made by highly technological production, nature's gemstones, highly-skilled craftsman, and a flair for art. The process begins with the planning of designs and the setting of the color patterns. Skill, patience, and high accuracy are essential. Once the gemstones are selected, they are cut with high precision, assembled by hand and glued with special resins. The slabs may undergo a "vacuum" process that reinforces the resin for optimal results in smoothness and color. Once the process is completed, you have full precious stone slabs which is original, unique, and perfectly smooth to the touch. Also, several varieties are translucent and can be backlit to create unique effects in color.

Handpicked semi-precious stones such as Agate, Amethyst, and Petrified Wood are meticulously put together using resin and epoxy to create a unique, one-of-a-kind SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE slab. The translucent quality conjured by some stones allows for light to pass through, giving it more radiance and highlighting the gems' deep colors and brilliance. The rarity and exclusivity of each slab is perfect for bringing a high-end artistry to any project.

Made from real gems, it's believed that they also possess the metaphysical healing or mood-altering properties associated with semi-precious stones. Your gorgeous new countertop could boost your quality of life. Our Semi-Precious stone collection is a perfect example of how nature's beauty and man's highly skilled craftsmanship can produce real works of art. For the discerning client, this exquisite combination is ideal for the home or office. Beyond Rocks is the leading supplier of Semi-Precious Slabs and Tiles.

Gemstone vanity tops and countertops are made up of semi-precious stones that are positioned approximate and embedded into a resin base. The resin is durable and helps to guard the stone from everyday use. The resin can resist staining, heat, and scratches. Gemstone countertops in your kitchen or bathroom create a truly unique look, and the variety of stones that can be put into a gemstone countertop is quite large.

We all know that SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE makes a beautiful addition to your home & working area. They are known to increase the beauty of your interior decoration anywhere, as in the tiles & slab. The different texture & color make walls more stylish & beautiful.

Beyond Rocks is one of the leading suppliers of SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE in Mumbai and a renowned global exporter. We pride in having created satisfied customers worldwide besides India in a short period. Working with a strong vision that drives and helps to stay true to the original dream of being a brand has enabled us to serve our customers uniquely. We strive and don't rest until the reach of perfection. The principal of honesty, integrity, and respect for people are part of everything that we do.

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