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July 3, 2020
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Semi Precious Stone Slabs

In this growing concept of a luxurious lifestyle or lavish living, people are enhancing their way of livelihood. Today everyone wants their interiors to look more alluring and special. Of course! We all love to have such a beautiful space to reside in.

Beyond rocks is the one-stop destination for all your interior décor needs! We deal in semi precious and precious stone slabs and also bespoke products. Our work is to provide you with varieties of stones and some of them are Quartz, Agates, Lapis Lazuli, Mother of Pearls, and many more on our best-selling list.

We create your dreams into a luxurious reality!

Stones from nature are adaptable and give your interiors a perfect finish. Precious stones are like marble, granite, or quartz are commonly used natural stones by interior designers. Our semiprecious stones & semi precious slabs with various color options work differently for different spaces. As every slab has its hardness and durability. By extracting & combining these stones such as agate, quartz, etc. we create semi precious stone slabs. These stones or slabs are beneficial for your home because they are eco-friendly and hard material which makes them long-lasting.

Depending upon our client’s choice and preferences we make countertop material, lights & tabletops, headboards, and so on. Beyond rocks helps you to build a flawless dream home décor space for your rich lifestyle. These precious stones are used to make the incredible surface as you can use them in form of tiles, tabletops, wall cladding, furniture, etc.

The most common thing in bathrooms and kitchen is moisture or we can say water is present all over the sinks & around it. Hence, durable surfaces are required for kitchen countertops. You can pick any kind of stone slabs from our high range semi precious or precious stone slabs for renovating or designing your dream home.

Gemstone slabs, if you want to give your home an attractive feeling then gemstone slabs are the best suitable to go for. This will surely leave an overwhelming impact on your visitors.

Unique products in a class of their own, individually hand-made and enriched with natural gems. The extraordinary colors and incredible designs of the slab add quality and appeal to those semi-precious tiles. Exceptional objects that make a new conception of luxury and breathe life into an idea of beauty which is usually different, and which derives its power from the world.

Agate, again another unbeatable semi precious stone slab for your kitchen countertop, center table & wall cladding that gives your room a stunning look. Choosing agate slabs for your interiors will raise the value of the home.

The next best semi precious slab is Quartz, due to the hardness material it is an exceptional choice for your kitchen countertops.

Wondering how to use semi precious stones in your home decor? Let’s see.

For Flooring

  • We need strong, long-lasting, & durable stones for flooring.
  • Such as granite, limestone, and marble.
  • These eco-friendly precious stones will give your home a welcoming atmosphere.

Bracket and Storage

  • Cuddapah, limestone, and granite are best for open shelves and storage.
  • For easy maintenance and functioning.
  • To give an attractive look build rows of stone brackets.


  • It will add more width and depth to your living space.
  • For cladding materials, you can use sandstone and slate stone.
  • For a long time, maintenance sealer coating will be more helpful.

Center tables & Kitchen counters

  • For table tops and kitchen counters, granite & quartz slabs are the best choices as they are water resistible & hard material stones. 
  • Easily washable and sustainable.
  • The dining table made up of a stone top adds a unique look to your home.

Other accessories

  • Garden and living room accessories like lamps, urlis decorations, sculptures and diyas for home decoration can be made from soapstone.
  • Precious stones for garden planters can create an aesthetic ambiance.

All these classified precious and semi precious stones do not only give you a luxurious lifestyle but also are good for your comfort, decorum, & easy living. Today’s people try to make they’re living more stylish and different in all ways. Therefore, many interior designers and architects are developing new ideas & innovating unique materials that give your interiors a marvelous look. Semi precious stones in the form of tiles and slabs give a breathtaking look to your interiors.

Our stones have the best quality as they are manufactured carefully by skilled workers. Stone slabs give a fine finish and gorgeous look to your home design and also they never get old-fashioned. With different design, textures, and colour options these precious stones provides an eye-catchy appearance to the walls with elegant flooring. Whenever you think about remodeling or designing your home interiors or office space make sure you select from these semi precious and precious stone slabs to give it a rich look. Many people doubt that these precious stones are very costly but when you apply them for designing your interiors then you will find them worth your investment.

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