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"Beyond Rocks" is a joint initiative between two of Udaipur’s leading and marble groups with an experience of 40 years, the Rishabh Group and the Talesara Group.

Specialising in semi precious and precious stone slabs and bespoke products, we source raw materials from around the world through a strenuous selection process. These stones are sliced and processed at our manufacturing facility in Udaipur, under the care and guidance of highly skilled craftsmen and designers. We only use internationally acclaimed epoxies to make sure that our product is of top quality, making the crushing strength as strong as marble and durable in all weather conditions. We work with a range of stones - Agates, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Mother of Pearls, these are some of our best-selling products.

Our Products


Quartz - Rose


Exclusive - petrified retro brown


Mop - white

Mother Of Pearl

Precious - golden tiger eye


Semi precious - sodalite

Semi Precious

Gem - malachite

Gem Stone

Amethyst 1


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Use these slabs to enhance your living spaces. We can customise to your desired size and fitting.


Lights and Tabletops

These slabs can be made in curved to allow a variety of uses ranging from lights to furniture pieces and collective articles.


Kitchen Counters

Transform your kitchen counter into a piece of art using semi precious stone slabs as countertops



Use these slabs to add a luxurious twist to your basin counters, bathtubs and other bathroom fittings.

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